Emer Wynne - Founder of Fluid ChangeWe specialise in facilitating organisations to implement large programmes where success depends on people changing what they do.

Fluid Change consultants are people architects; designing the right people strategy and approaches, bringing innovation with cutting edge ways to deliver change successfully.

Our approach spans all levels of the organisation from the Executive to the most local level needing to change. We design the people strategy that will drive the execution at every level required and apply cutting edge tools that enable change expertise to be applied at the most appropriate point and at the right time.

We believe in a proven change management discipline delivered through creativity methods and peer support as key principles in leading best practice change.   We are committed to advancing  research and practice in to transformational organisational and personal change.  We deliver this through our Pioneers Path.

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People Change Strategy

Providing a clear, unified approach that directs subsequent change activities towards the successful implementation of the business vision. Read more >


Change Capability

Giving leaders at all levels the ability to deliver change through continued expert support in a cost effective way. Read more >


Facilitating Change

Guiding organisations to design and implement the key activities needed for a successful, vision driven change. Read more >


Change Leadership

Helping senior leaders to have a renewed sense of autonomy and courage to create new business visions and have a plan to realise them. Read more >