Change Discipline

Managing at the speed of ChangeManaging at the Speed of Change
by Darryl Connor
A seminal book describing what happens to individuals and groups in an organisation undergoing change.  It’s a brilliant read if you want to really understand the context of change for people and management in an organisation.

Change Implementation Best Practice Checklist
by Emer Wynne
Change Impact AssessmentA guide to what is required to successfully implement the people element of a large business change. This checklist is a summary of an established change discipline or framework and should be the bible for all large scale change.

Generic Engagement Template for Operational Environments
by Emer Wynne
A general guide to a well organised approach that integrates all levels of management and enables good change leadership.

KPI Generics
by Emer Wynne
Recommended Key Performance Indicators that can be applied to ensure proposed organisational change is integrated into the business for key change leadership roles.

Creativity and Change

Maverick cards

Maverick Cards
by Alan Fletcher
An excellent resource, typically used in a group or team environment, to help access back of mind thoughts or ideas. It can also work well as an ice breaker.

Managers Guide to Fostering Innovation
and Creativity in Teams

Innovation and Creativity in Teamsby Dr. Charles Prather
A great foundation to the principles, tools and techniques to help groups and teams to work more creatively to solve problems and generate new approaches to situations.  It’s particularly useful in change situations where there is a need to create new solutions in a complex work environment.

Change Leadership

The Artists Way BookThe Artists Way
by Julia Cameron
A wonderful personal leadership resource to support and guide individuals, through a creative medium, to have a greater sense of autonomy from which they can create a renewed vision and have the courage to carry it through.

Maestro - Leading by listeningby Roger Nierenberg
An interesting insight into leadership through the medium of creativity and music.  A lesson in higher level of leadership through delegation, trust and faith.

Personal Power Through Awareness
by Sanaya Roman
Personal Power through AwarenessAn exceptional guide to personal leadership and managing personal change from a higher level of awareness.