Fluid Change Services

Fluid Change advises organisations in setting Change Strategy; Facilitating Change Implementation; building Change Capability and developing Change Leadership.

Our business approach is to engage with and build upon existing skills, knowledge and experience within the business. We guide the implementation of those key activities outlined in the people strategy that will deliver change success. We want our clients to get the most leverage from our experience and skills: to fill gaps they have! Our services reflects those that are least likely to reside in organisations.

Our Service Deliverables:

People Change Strategy

  • Creating a compelling vision
  • Defining people outcomes
  • Sponsor engagement and contracting
  • Leadership engagement and contracting
  • Programme director engagement
  • Change strategy

Facilitating Change Implementation

  • Local business leader engagement and contracting
  • Sponsor support planning
  • Stakeholder definition and planning
  • Change impact analysis
  • Organisation design and implementation planning
  • Engagement planning
  • Change implementation monitoring

Building Change Capability

  • Change capability assessment
  • Change capability programme design
  • Change capability seminars
  • Change capability workshops
  • E-coaching programmes

Building change Leadership

  • Leading Beyond Empiricism Retreat
  • Leading Beyond Empiricism Programme
  • Leading with The Artists Way
  • Leading Beyond Empiricism e-coaching