Fluid Change Capability

In our experience change knowledge within organisations can be fragile or sporadic.  The context of change, its underlying principles and management discipline are rarely brought to the attention of those tasked with leading change – in the business and sometimes within the programme environment. We value the opportunity to build change capability in the workplace during a change implementation and have created e-coaching based programmes to deliver just that.

Our unique approach offers:

  • Expert individual live coaching for those leading change programmes both in the programme and the business
  • Live workshop sessions on change best practice delivered by Fluid Change leader, Emer Wynne
  • Live lessons on applying change leadership in real time to support current / live change programmes

This is a ‘one to many’, cost effective yet, live coaching based service providing change expertise ‘on point’ to those leading and implementing organisational change. Fluid Change Capability programme equips and creates confidence in people (in a programme and in the business) to successfully implement large scale business change. It can be drawn upon to support people for the duration of a programme providing real guidance, on the ground , when needed. Fluid Change Capability makes change management expertise available to those leading and implementing change direct to the individual, meeting their specific needs, at a time that suits them. Participants are supported in applying change best practice that they may have been introduced to in workshop or seminar environment. Underpinned by a web based technology platform participants are guided through a change work stream process, receiving regular communications from their coach. In addition participants can communicate directly with the coach and other people on the programme. Overall Fluid Change Capability builds confidence in organisations to deliver visions that will ensure their future success.

Value to the business:

  •  Significantly increased probability of delivering the business benefits
  •  Minimised disruption to business as usual – operational, customer service demands etc. and associated cost
  • Leadership reputation is enhance as employees experience appropriate support to change their way of working
  • People learn more on the job than in any other environment – strength in change capability and personal development. Minimal down time for other training events
  •  The momentum of engagement is sustained within the business, which is particularly difficult to achieve in programmes lasting more than one year
  • Tangible measures can be achieved through surveys, employee feedback, achieving project deadlines, culture assessments, and most importantly, delivering the change according to the stated programme deadlines

Value to all change leaders:

You will:

  • Be guided and supported for the duration of a change programme for which you are accountable
  • See the value of organisational change best practice as some of the activities show their value as the programme unfolds
  • Have confidence that the people element of your programme of change is being well planned and executed
  • See that the impact on your people is minimised and the probability of its success is high