Fluid Change Leadership

Leadership, at any hierarchical or responsibility level, has at its heart self awareness, creativity and personal responsibility to learn and grow. We offer creativity based development programmes we call “Leadership beyond Empiricism” to help leaders develop their capacity to lead and build emotional capability in themselves and, as a result, others.

The presence of intellectual rigour, market intelligence and management data is a given. The question for leaders to answer here is: ‘Given what you know and can measure what do you need to think, feel and do to take your business to a successful future?’  We design bespoke programmes based on clients’ requirements. We enable leaders to explore what they need to believe about themselves to create the visions and have the courage to make bring them to life. Elements of the programme can include creative retreats and programmes, e forums, sharing current theory from experts; and personal coaching based on creative tools such as The Artist’s Way.

Leading Transformational Change


Leadership workshop