Can Journaling Help Leaders Create Change?

Leadership, at any hierarchical or responsibility level, has at its heart – self awareness, creativity and personal responsibility, to learn and grow. This is no more obvious than when leading change.  The presence of intellectual rigour, market intelligence and management data is a given. The question for leaders to answer here is: ‘Given what you know… Read more »

Sue Jenkins on ‘Designing the future organisation’

Any leader currently dealing with large scale change will listen with interest to this very engaging interview with Sue Jenkins, HR strategist and board advisor, on designing the future organisation. Designing the future organisation with Sue Jenkins. Click the play button below to listen to the full interview: Key points in this interview are: Top… Read more »

Emer Wynne interview on the value of a change framework

Emer Wynne talks to Lorna Clarkson about the value of using a change framework as a critical people management tool for implementing large scale change successfully. Hear about the 8 factors of the Fluid Change framework and how each element is answering a question that’s pertinent to any individual impacted by change. Listen to the interview… Read more »

Lorna Clarkson interview on the Challenges of Change

Lorna Clarkson is an accomplished senior HR and Organisational Design executive with extensive general management experience, particularly in very large, complex businesses who have a large labour force on who business depends to deliver the day to day operations. Her most recent clients are Royal Mail and Transport for London. Lorna has worked in highly… Read more »

7 principles for accelerated people change

7 Principles of people change free ebook

The aim of this booklet is to set the challenges of managing people through business change and offer some clear and simple principles, based on our experience at Fluid Change, which will ensure smoother, richer and more successful outcomes. Why manage people through change and why is it important in business? Businesses manage people all… Read more »